New Way of Doing Business With Higher Profits And Lower Costs

A highly inspiring interview with 26 Year old French humanitarian businessman, who  leads by example to help free humanity from economic slavery. Watch the whole video – it is worth it. CLICK HERE to see video.

I trust that Cuneyt Alkan and his French partners will inspire young people all over the world to take action and take control of their future by embracing the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. Cuneyt has also drawn up the business plan spread sheets that clearly show the dramatic increase in profits by implementing the OST business model, as compared to normal capitalist based business plans we use every day. 

He makes the point that when business people see the financials, they immediately pay attention and show great interest in this new way of doing business. I will be sharing the spreadsheets ASAP – in various languages. 

We are the 99% – We are the ones we have been waiting for – Now let’s get off our backsides and do something.

ONE SMALL TOWN is coming – it’s just a matter of time.

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