Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador for the UK

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Graham Clarke, as the newly appointed ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador for the UK. I will be sharing more information in the coming days on how to contact Graham for those in the UK who want to get involved in the ONE SMALL TOWN activation. I welcome Graham to the UBUNTU – One Small Town family and trust that he will be a great inspiration and guide for others to share the message and become part of the activation plan in the UK.
Watch this space for a video interview and contact details soon.
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15 thoughts on “Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador for the UK

  1. Hi Graham great to get your link. Would love to create a meeting asap. We are in the process of forming an exciting organization with far reaching goals and ideas.

  2. I’m very interested in hearing what the plans are for the U.K. and how I might help.

  3. I am very interested. I come with 2 children and lots of pets! ( rabbits and cats) i can offer fully qualified massages and beauty treatments as well as many skills in diy, cooking, art/craft and belly dancing and singing.

  4. I’m interested. I offer Refkexoligy, healing therapies & love to organically garden

  5. I’m interested! I offer Reflexology, healing therapies & love to organically garden

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