Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador For France

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Cüneyt Alkan, as the newly appointed ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador for France. Cüneyt is a successful 26 year-young entrepreneur and business man in Paris, with a solid background in business management and planning. A great inspiration for young people all over the world to get involved.
Cüneyt has done several business plans and spread sheets indicating the astonishing financial potential of the ONE SMALL TOWN business models, compared to the old-style corporate business plans we use today. I will be sharing these spreadsheets in English and other languages ASAP.
I will share more information in the coming days on how to contact Cüneyt for those in France who want to get involved in the ONE SMALL TOWN activation. I welcome Cüneyt to the UBUNTU – One Small Town family and trust that he will be a great inspiration and guide for others. 
Watch this space for a video interview and contact details soon.
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One thought on “Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador For France

  1. Hi Cuneyt
    I have been following Michael Tellinger ever since he came onto the scene and I am a huge fan of his One Small Town ideology. I have read over 300 books on truth seeking related topics for the last 10 or so years, and have been deep down the proverbial rabbit hole on all esoteric and conspiratorial topics! I am a member of Connected Consciousness with Simon Parkes, and the Insider Club with Charlie Ward. I have already drafted a humanitarian project through Charlie’s group. I am an 51 year old Englishman, who moved to the Aube Champagne region of France (Dierrey-St-Pierre) near Troyes, 4 years ago with my french project manager wife and my young daughter. I still only speak a little bit of french and find it difficult to understand most conversations here! Obviously my wife and daughter are both bi-lingual and luckily I am surrounded by friends and family that also speak english. Unfortunately my family are not awake and aware of the current state of Global affairs and I am one of the many that are biding their time, waiting for the moment when our ‘Conspiracy Theories’ become ‘Conspiracy Facts’ and we can finally re-educate and introduce them slowly into 5D and a new way of thinking and living.
    My humanitarian project is based upon re-educating young people from around the world, in both physical and spiritual aspects.
    The project really does fall in line with ‘One Small Town’ philosophy. My wife is a high level Project Manager and would be ideal (once convinced!!) in helping implement my dreams. I have no doubt that with her on board, with her contacts and experience in dealing with local french people, we could begin to start planning for one small town in this area. I have many other local professional people that could be involved also, including teachers, policemen, care workers, business owners amongst others.
    In England I ran my own Wine Wholesale business, and have been in Sales and Marketing for all my life, dealing with people from all backgrounds, classes, cultures and religions. My one love is for the Children of the World, they are the future of this Planet. Hence why my humanitarian project would be based around the re-educational side.
    With all this in mind, I would love to know more about you, where you currently are in France, whether you could be interested in my future plans/dreams, what stage you are with One Small Town in France, etc.

    Many thanks for your time

    Kind Regards and Blessings

    Tim J Birch

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