Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador for Australia

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mark Burdon, as the newly appointed ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador for Australia. Mark has already made great inroads in many municipalities in Australia and has over one year experience dealing with mayors and councilors. He has accumulated good feedback from almost all Australian municipalities that will allow us to plan the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative very strategically.   I will be sharing more information in the coming days on how to contact Mark for those in Australia who want to get involved in the ONE SMALL TOWN activation. I welcome Mark to the UBUNTU – One Small Town family again, and trust that he will be a great inspiration and guide for others to share the message and become part of the activation plan in Australia.
Watch this space for a video interview and contact details soon.
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5 thoughts on “Introducing the One Small Town Ambassador for Australia

    1. I’m very interested in creating flourishing ecological communities. I would love to know more where the small town in AU is at.

  1. Hello Mark I’m Original Australian and I know and feel within that we all need what is being shown and inform my family on motions I feel that need to be implemented with our Earth as it is today.

  2. Good morning Mark,
    I am keen to begin the process to approach our local council, here in the Yarra Ranges, Victoria. Would be great to touch base with you.
    I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional owners of Corhanwarrabul (Mt Dandenong), the blessed land from which we create.

  3. I was excited about this project until one Charlie Was name appeared to be involved. This has ruined it all….do your research before getting involved with people. Some who are not whom they seem to be….what a shame.

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