Travis Duncan for Mayor of Austin, TX

If you are a supporter of the UBUNTU Movement’s ONE SMALL TOWN Can Change The World strategy, tell all your friends in Austin, Texas to vote for Travis Duncan this November 2018 – Travis is one of the most active UBUNTU members and is running for Mayor. Austin can become the first city in the world that brings in real transformation with prosperity and abundance on every level for ALL the people – and by so-doing, inspire other cities and towns to do the same. In unity – Michael Tellinger

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3 thoughts on “Travis Duncan for Mayor of Austin, TX

  1. I see Travis Duncan was running in Nov 2018, but that this article was posted in Apr 2020. What is the current status of Austin as a OST? Thank you.

    1. We posted this article about Travis Duncan, simply to show how active some of our members have been over the years. There is no activity in Austin at this stage in 2021.

    2. We posted this article just to show some of the back-story and significant past activities for those who are new to the UBUNTU Movement and One Small Town initiative. Travis received around 7,000 votes in 2018, which was a huge success for a first timer and a message that was very different from the vague mainstream political promises we are accustomed to. Travis has moved away from Austin.

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